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    5 Tips for Lawn Disease Prevention!

    Posted by: Stephanie Knezevic on July 22, 2015

    Lawn_Disease_PreventionLately, we’ve been telling you about all about some common lawn diseases that you might encounter this summer and how to treat them. But if your lawn doesn’t have any diseases, you’ll still want to do everything you can to prevent them. Follow our tips below and you’ll be in the best shape to keep your lawn from being vulnerable to disease!

    1. Mowing: Believe it or not, but a simple task like mowing your lawn can actually make your lawn vulnerable to disease. There’s two things you need to remember when it comes to mowing. First, don’t mow the lawn too short. Second, keep your lawn mower blades sharp. If your blades are dull and you’re mowing your lawn too short, that will actually put stress on your lawn, which will make it more vulnerable to disease.

    1. Watering: Just like mowing, if you aren’t watering properly your lawn will become more vulnerable to disease. It’s better to water less often, but more deeply. Watering too often can leave moisture on the blades of grass, and in hot, humid conditions, this will make it more likely for your lawn to get disease. Watering early in the morning is better as well because it won’t be as hot outside and it will allow the water to be soaked up into the soil.

    1. Proper Nutrition: The best defense to not getting sick is staying healthy! So make sure you are keeping your lawn healthy by giving it all the nutrients it needs. Fertilizing your lawn regularly will allow it to get those nutrients and help with lawn disease prevention. Read more about how to properly fertilize your lawn here.

    1. Recognizing Diseases: Even if you keep your lawn healthy, there is no guarantee that your lawn won’t get a disease. The next best thing you can do is be able to recognize the disease as soon as possible. The sooner the disease is identified, the sooner you can work to treat it. If you aren’t sure what diseases to lookout for check out this article.

    1. Bring in a Professional: It’s not always easy recognizing a lawn disease or keeping up with lawn maintenance. If you find that you’re struggling, why not consider bringing in a professional? Certified lawn technicians are trained to recognize and treat lawn diseases and can help keep your lawn healthy all year.

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