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    How to Get the Most Affordable Lawn Care

    Posted by: Hannah McIntire on December 29, 2017

    affordable-lawn-careLawn care is something almost every homeowner needs, but not everyone wants to dump loads of money into their lawn. Every homeowner wants to know how to get the most affordable lawn care! There are affordable ways to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, but a little research may be required. The key to saving some money, is knowing what you need and knowing about what you are buying for your lawn. The goal is to not waste any money on unnecessary treatments or mistakes. Also, getting educated on what your lawn needs can help you better the lawn care routine that you already do. Becoming more efficient may not only save you money, but also some time and hard work! Here are a few things you can do to get the most affordable lawn care.


    Tweak Your Current Routine

    Unless you hire a professional lawn care provider, you most likely mow and water your lawn yourself. Tweaking your lawn care routine can help your lawn stay healthy and avoid dead patches of grass.

    Set Your Mower Higher

    Mowing your lawn properly will keep your lawn healthier. Managing the length of your grass will help your lawn become more beautiful and lush. Setting your mower deck a little bit higher to three inches will keep your lawn longer, which allows the grass hold more moisture. More moisture will ensure greener grass and healthier grass. You may have to mow a bit more often, but it will save you money on watering and other treatments.

    Ensure You Have a Sharp Blade

    Also, check your lawn mower before mowing to ensure the blade is sharp. A sharp blade will give you a more even cut and a more aesthetically pleasing lawn.

    Water in the Morning

    To maximize your lawns water intake, water in the morning. In the morning the temperature is cooler. The water is less likely to evaporate compared to the afternoon when it is hot outside. How often you will need to water depends on the soil type of your lawn. Know what soil type your lawn has so you do not over water and waste water. If you have clay soil, you will only need to water one time a week (sweet!), but if you have more sandy soil you will have to water three times a week.

    Do Your Homework

    The last thing you want to do is waste money. If you apply the wrong product at the wrong time, you could end up hurting your lawn and needing to spend more money to fix it. Research lawn treatments if you are doing it yourself and be sure to avoid common lawn care mistakes. Sometimes two products will not work well together, for example, seeding then putting down crabgrass preventer equals no new grass growth, frustration, and wasted money.

    Also, make sure your lawn actually needs a treatment. If you see a problem with your lawn, research it and see if this is natural or something that needs to be treated. Then, you will want to see what treatments are recommended and what will work best with the other products you use on your lawn. When you go shopping, you will know exactly what you need and you will not have to put the fate of your lawn in a store sales associates hands. We have heard too many horror stories of tragic mistakes lead by a store associate. While most people would like to think that they are all professionals, it’s better to do your own research beforehand to get the best prices.

    Get Quotes To Find the Most Affordable Lawn Care

    If you decide to go with a profession lawn care service company, you should still get to know your lawn and research lawn care services. This will help you figure out how much lawn service should cost for your lawn before you ask for estimates. Research will also help you choose the right lawn care package for your yard and avoid overpaying for your lawn service.

    Get quotes from multiple lawn care companies so you know you are getting the best deal possible in your area. Be sure to analyze your lawn care estimates, know what they are charging and how they will charge you. Also, ask what the total cost will be, not just the application cost so you know the complete cost for the service.

    It is important that you know how to get the most affordable lawn care, because not every lawn care company is going look out for the best interest of your wallet and lawn! Also, do not be afraid to ask questions about the technician and the service plan you want. Know what you are paying for. If you feel like you do not need the lawn care company to do everything, you could choose some treatments to do yourself to cut costs. Some people may choose to mow their own lawn and just have a company seed and treat or vice versa. There’s no shame in having a mix of profession lawn care service and DIY service!

    Off Season Work

    After doing some homework and getting some quotes, it is best to look for off-season specials from home improvement stores on lawn products. This the best time (especially in Ohio) to shop for lawn tools and treatments. With snow on the ground, not many people are seeding and treating their lawn!

    You can shop for a professional lawn care service during the winter as well. A lawn service company may not have a long list of clients for the next season yet during the winter. If they are needing lawns to care for in the upcoming busy season, you may be more likely to get a better deal. Along with shopping in the off season, you can prepare before the off season. Doing some fall lawn care can help ensure that your lawn will be healthy and green. This may save you some time and money on spring treatments.

    Contact us to learn more about our affordable lawn care plans. We would be happy to find the best fit for your lawn and budget.

    Save 33% On a Lawn Care Package


    Hannah McIntire

    Save 33% On a Lawn Care Package


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