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April Lawn Care - Monthly Guide to a Beautiful Spring Lawn



Over the past few weeks, we've given lots of suggestions on how to begin preparing your Spring lawn so that it can achieve Summer greatness. You may feel overwhelmed, but keep in mind - every lawn is different - and most will require only a few of our suggestions to reach peak performance! The key is to evaluate your lawn and find the tips here on our blog that match your lawn's problem areas.


At the start of each month, WeedPro publishes a free, downloadable guide with the specifics of what your lawn needs through each month of Spring and Summer. We give you easy to follow, step by step instructions. So be sure to subscribe to our blog, download our free guides, and if you have any questions, or if you need help caring for your lawn, contact us at any time for a free quote.

April is an important month in lawncare, whether you're doing it yourself, or thinking of hiring professionals. This month will set the tone for how your lawn will look, and how much work you will have to put into it, for the rest of the year. Click below for our NEW FREE GUIDE, and see what you can do NOW to make your lawn look great in the coming months!

Free April Lawn Care Guide