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    Best Reviewed Lawn Care Companies in Cleveland

    Posted by: Dawn Burt on March 24, 2015

    comparing_lawn_care_companiesHomeowners in Cleveland have very specific needs in terms of lawn care throughout the year. Between lake-effect snows, high summertime temperatures and other area-specific considerations, it’s essential that you hire one of the best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio. While you can certainly tackle lawn care on your own, it’s time consuming, difficult and all too easy to do the wrong thing if you lack expertise and experience. Whom should you turn to when your lawn doesn’t look its best? We’ve compiled a list of four of the best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Good Nature

    Good Nature scores high on the recommended list for a number of reasons, including the fact that the company specializes in organic lawn care. You won’t find any chemicals here, and all of the company’s solutions are designed to minimize the impact of your lawn care efforts on the environment. The company’s basic offering is called the Natural Foundation Program. It includes seven applications throughout the year, beginning in early spring and the repeating in spring, late spring, summer, late summer, fall and late fall. Applications are designed to achieve different results during different times of year. For instance, the early spring application is all about fostering better growth, while the summer application is designed to help fight insects and disease. Weed control is also included in the late spring and fall applications.


    Ultralawn is one of the best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio, and has actually earned awards from consumer watchdog groups (Angie’s List). The company offers several lawn care services, but their basic program includes five timely feedings of slow release fertilizer, as well as a liming to help neutralize acids. It also includes pre-emergent crabgrass control, as well as weed control and surface insect management (insect management is provided on an as needed basis). Liming is done in fall, and the other five applications are spread out throughout the year.

    Brookside Lawn Service

    Another of the best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio, is Brookside Lawn Service. Brookside offers several different lawn care services that include fertilization throughout the year, as well as weed treatment. Pest treatments are available as an additional service (and an additional fee). The company also offers organic fertilization programs for homeowners interested in moving away from chemical-based solutions. Soil testing and shrub and tree maintenance are also available. Most of the company’s offerings are a la carte, although they do offer some programs that combine services. The preferred option here is to have a custom assessment conducted on your yard by a Brookside representative.

    Weed Pro

    We’re proud to make it onto the list of best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio. Our basic lawn care plan is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, and includes five fertilization treatments strategically spread over the course of the year to ensure proper nutrition and growth. Our basic plan also includes several other solutions to keep your yard healthy and thriving, including weed and crabgrass control, half-price grub treatment, unlimited touchups for weeds during the year and free surface insect treatment to eliminate ticks, fleas and other threats.

    All four of these companies are amongst the best reviewed lawn care services in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s essential to work with a top-rated service provider – you cannot afford to take chances with your lawn. The health of your turfgrass depends on it, but it also impacts the health of your pets and your family as a whole.

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