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Columbus Lawn Care – Getting Your Lawn Green in Central Ohio

Columbus Lawn CareThe Capital City has perhaps the greenest areas in the state.  However, it takes a lot of work to make lawn care in Columbus a success.  The hot and humid summers and bitterly cold winters take a toll on your lawn.  That’s why Weed Pro is here to help with some tips that can make your lawn look great!

Columbus Lawn Care Tips-

Aerate Early! – Lawn care in Columbus actually begins in early March with the aeration of your lawn.  Aeration opens pockets into your soil to deliver much needed oxygen to the roots of your lawn.  In addition, this process alleviates compaction and works better than thatching your lawn because it does not damage the “crown” of the plant.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen! A lawn’s best friend is a good prevent defense!  Prevent weeds, crabgrass and insects by getting fertilizer with a good pre-emergent included.  A good pre-emergent prevents weeds and crabgrass from germinating, while preventing insects from hatching. 

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