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Comparing the Cost of Lawn Care Service – Our Price Comparison Chart

Comparing Lawn Care Companies The satisfaction of completing a project that you would pay a professional to do is quite exhilarating.  That is until you realize that you haven’t saved that much money (often spending more than if you hired someone), and you have spent a great deal of your precious time completing the project.  Such is the case with lawn care.

Lawn care companies don’t do a good enough job explaining to potential customers what they are getting when purchasing a lawn care service package.  Fertilizer is just a small part of the formula that these companies use to get you a great looking lawn.  Often overlooked are the weed control and lawn insect treatments.  These are included in most lawn care service packages and are applied at the same time as the fertilizer. 

Not convinced?  Weed Pro recently put together a price comparison sheet outlining the different products and their “big box store” counterparts with prices for each.  The results may surprise you!  To see the report for free, click on the button below:

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