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The Importance of Winter Fertilizer - Lawn Care in Hilliard, Ohio

Lawn Care Hilliard Ohio

As one of 2011’s top five hometowns in Ohio (according to Ohio Magazine), the people who call Hilliard home have done a great job creating a beautiful city and fostering a sense of community.  As a local lawn care company, Weed Pro wants to help keep Hilliard beautiful!  And while the snow may be getting ready to fall, this tip will make sure that lawn care in Hilliard this spring is successful!

Is Winter Fertilizer Necessary? – The Key to Great Lawn Care in Columbus, Ohio

Lawn care companies in Hilliard have known for years that a successful spring starts in the winter.  A winter treatment can mean a quick green lawn early next spring.  In fact, Weed Pro feels that a winter fertilizer is the most important treatment of the year.  Whether you hire a lawn care company in Columbus, or do it yourself, it is very important that you apply a winter fertilizer.

Winter Fertilizer = Greener Lawn Next Spring

Until the ground completely freezes, your lawn is still alive and busy!  Heavy in potassium, winter fertilizers help stimulate root growth by adding valuable nutrients in the soil that help with cold tolerance, and are then available when temperatures warm in the spring for a quick green-up.

Professional Lawn Care Services in Columbus, Ohio

Getting professional lawn care help is closer than you think!  Weed Pro has been serving the Columbus area for 10 years and stands ready to help you get a great looking lawn in 2012! Contact us for a free, customized lawn care proposal by calling Weed Pro at 800-724-4555, or by CLICKING HERE.