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Cleveland Lawn Care – It’s Not Too Early To Plan That Beautiful Lawn!

Cleveland Lawn CareIt’s a brand new year, another chance to get that lawn that you always wanted.  True, there is not much you can do to green up that lawn now, but preparation is the key to success! Weed Pro is here to help with a Free Cleveland lawn care calendar that will keep you heading in the right direction all year!

Cleveland Lawn Care Tips-

Plan Lawn Fertilizing Early – Lawn care in Cleveland actually begins in January with the proper maintenance and winterization of your lawn mower.  Draining the gas and oil will prevent engine problems due to the fuel becoming un-stable from sitting for long periods of time.  Dropping your blades off at the local mower shop now will ensure your blades are nice and sharp this spring.

Planning a Lawn Aeration Cleveland lawn aerating is an important step to a beautiful lawn this spring.  Plan now on who will be performing it.  You DIY home owners should check with local equipment rental stores on prices, and confirm an early March rental. 

Download the rest of our “Cleveland Lawn Care Calendar” by clicking on the link below: 

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