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Spring Seeding GuideSpring Seeding – Columbus Lawn Care

As the spring quickly approaches Columbus, March is the perfect time to repair some of the damage that last year’s hot summer has caused.  While fall seeding is still the “popular” time to seed according to most industry experts, spring is also a great time to regrow your lawn in certain areas.

Soil Preparation

Before Columbus lawn care kicks into gear, consider doing the job while the ground is still somewhat frozen.  Mid to late March is a perfect time to get out and spot seed areas in your lawn.  The seed will lie dormant until soil temperatures become warm enough to allow the seed to germinate, typically in April or early May.  This technique is called “dormant seeding” and produces very favorable results. 

Dormant Seeding

Dormant seeding is so effective because in the early spring the soil structure naturally changes by heaving and cracking. This allows for seed to fall through and make contact with good soil.  The general rule when seeding is that the better the seed/soil contact, the better off your germination rates will be.

Proper Watering

As soon as Columbus temperatures rise above 55 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis.  Continue watering even after the seeds germinate, allowing the turf’s roots to become established.  Keeping the top ¼” of the soil moist will allow for the perfect environment for seed to grow.


Spring fertilizer often contains pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control and can prevent grass seed from germinating. Consider a starter fertilizer high in phosphorus to maximize root growth. 

Free Spring Seeding Guide

For further information, download Weed Pro’s Free Spring Seeding Guide.  The guide will walk you through the steps for growing the perfect lawn!

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