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Lawn Care in Westlake, Ohio – Weed Pro Your Local Experts

westlake lawn careHaving a beautiful lawn isn’t only appealing to the senses, but it’s also appealing to the pocket book.  Having a well-manicured lawn increases your property and home value by up to 5% in some areas.  However getting that beautiful lawn is a challenge in areas such as Westlake because of our extreme cold and heat throughout the year.  Some homeowners think that following a national program can deliver results.  Often this line of thinking is just wrong.

Successful Westlake Lawn Care Tips

Getting into shape is a common new years resolution that many people struggle with.  Those who succeed identify problems and create specific personalized strategies to lose weight and get into shape.  One exercise program does not fit all.  It can be just as complicated for getting that perfect lawn.  Each lawn is unique, and must be treated so, with individualized plans and adjustments along the way.  Some tips include:

  • Identify pH levels in your lawn.  The color of your lawn is closely tied to this factor.  The right pH level can make all the difference in the world.
  • Pre-emergents are your friends - as long as they are the right ones.  Make sure that you use pre-emergents that will prevent yard problems that are specific to Westlake.
  • Spot treat weeds in between treatments.  “They’re growing like a weed” is a common saying for a reason.  Weeds grow quickly, and spot treatments are a must.  Companies like Weed Pro offer spot treatments for free.

Weed Pro’s Commitment to Westlake

Weed Pro is Cleveland’s premier lawn care company.  We are also proud to be a part of this community.  Weed Pro is a proud supporter of the Westlake Youth Soccer Association, and is also the lawn care provider of Crocker Park. 

Keeping You, Your Pets, & The Environment Safe

With Weed Pro you get Local Care and Expert Results because we care about your lawn, our community, and most importantly the health of you and your family.  Weed Pro staffs only licensed and trained technicians that keep your family (and pets) safe with 100% eco-friendly, safer products and adhere to the regulations for safe usage of those products.

Call us today at 866-724-4555 to speak to a Weed Pro representative that can provide you with a free, no hassle, lawn care estimate, or click on the link below:

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