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Weed Pro's Free Tree & Shrub Insect/Disease Guide

Weed Pro's Tree & Shrub Insect/Disease GuideEver wonder what that weblike sack was hanging off your birch tree?  Ever wonder what those ickky worms were all over your spruce?  After many requests, Weed Pro has decided to release a Free Tree and Shrub Insect Guide that will walk any homeowner throught the problems commonly found in Ohio landscapes.

With Weed Pro's Free Tree and Shrub Disease and Insect Guide, you'll be able to diagnose your problem and get the correct treatment by learning how to identify:

  • Disease & Insect Damage;
  • Symptoms and overall health issues;
  • and find treatments for each problem!

This guide is everything you'll need to diagnose problems with all your trees & shrubs.  It was put together by Weed Pro's Certified Arborist, Nathan Conover, to help you diagnose problems with your landscape.  

From listing the signs of the most common insects to common disease issues that you might see in your landscape this spring, this guide is the perfect companion for any novice gardener/landscaper.  

Best yet, Weed Pro wants you to have this guide absolutely free!  Simply click on the button below to download this book for yourself!

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