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Fixing that Winter Damage – Gahanna Lawn Care

Gahanna Lawn CareAs we look to exit another tough Central Ohio winter, we can't help but notice all the yellow grass around Gahanna.  The unusual fluctuation of temperatures have lead some turf to begin to come out of it’s dormancy early, and become exposed to a rapid cool down.  This has caused dangerous levels of stress, and will have a dramatic affect on the 2012 growing season.

Seeding Damaged Areas

Simply throwing some seed down this spring in thin and dead areas will be ineffective.  To get the best results you must begin with a core aeration.  Aerating your lawn will allow both proper soil decompaction, and also will allow the seed to penetrate the surface, making direct contact with the soil.

What’s On The Menu? – Soil Testing for Selecting Fertilizer

Another way to promote a healthy spring growing season is figuring out what exactly to feed your lawn.  Your soil may be lacking sufficient nutrients that could help your lawn recover and green up quicker.  Most lawn care companies provide soil testing for free, and will provide you with a written explanation and plan to restore proper soil conditions.

Weed Pro – Professional Lawn Care in Gahanna

The professionals at Weed Pro can help you decide what’s best for your lawn, and design a custom lawn care.  Weed Pro can help you get that yard back into shape.  We staff only licensed and trained technicians that keep your family (and pets) safe with 100% eco-friendly, safer products and adhere to the regulations for safe usage of those products.

Call us today at 866-724-4555 to speak to a Weed Pro representative that can provide you with a free, no hassle, lawn care estimate, or click on the link below: