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    Are You Ready For Spring? - Lawn Care in Galena, Ohio

    Posted by: Andrew Muntz on February 20, 2012

    Spring Lawn Care in Galena OhioThat time for perfecting your landscape maintenance is right around the corner.  As Spring comes to Central Ohio, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need ready to go for the spring.

    Keys to a Hassle-Free Spring:

    • Check your mower blades- Sharp blades are vital for the health of your turf.
    • Check the oil level and change the air filter in your mower.
    • Make sure that you have string for string trimmers.
    • Keep your gasoline and your 2-cycle mix (if applicable) separate and labeled.
    • Sharpen your pruners, saws, and other cutting tools.
    • Contact your lawn care company to make sure you are set up for applications.
    • Check into pre emergent products for your ornamental beds.
    • Prune trees when they don’t have leaves to remove damaged branches, branches that cross, or other problematic branches.
    • Apply dormant oil to deciduous trees and shrubs.
    • Plan for upcoming plant installations.  Look for areas that might need a new tree, shrub, or perennial.  Spring is a great time for planting.
    • Clean out leafs and other debris from landscape beds that have accumulated over the winter.

    Weed Pro – Professional Lawn Care in Galena, Ohio

    The professionals at Weed Pro can develop a lawn care plan for you based on your lawns needs. Weed Pro staffs only licensed and trained technicians that keep your family (and pets) safe with 100% eco-friendly, safer products and adhere to the regulations for safe usage of those products.

    Call us today at 866-724-4555 to speak to a Weed Pro representative that can provide you with a free, no hassle, lawn care estimate, or click on the link below:



    Andrew Muntz

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