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Don't Roll That Lawn! - Spring Lawn Care Tips

lawn care tips rolling lawnA common misconception when it comes to spring lawn care is the art of rolling your lawn.  Homeowners often decide to roll their lawns to “even out” bumps or ridges in their lawns.  Rolling your lawn can actually have devastating effects both on the surface, and below the surface.

I Can’t Breathe! - Compacting Soil

Using a roller on your lawn this spring to smooth things out will actually cause soil compaction.  In Ohio, our clay rich soil can kill grass when compacted.  Roots are unable to spread and grow, causing turf to become weak and thin.  If you want to promote healthy growth, aerating your lawn will open up breathing pockets, and allow important nutrients and water to get to your turf’s feeder roots.

Breaking the Crown – Damaging Grass

Another draw back to rolling your lawn is damaging the plant all together.  In the spring, your individual grass plants have delicate “crowns” – or new grass seedlings.  Rolling your lawn can damage these crowns and kill your turf.

A River Runs Over It - Drainage Issues

Compacting your soil can also cause major run-off issues.  Spring is typically very wet in Ohio, and your soil absorbs a large amount of that water.  If your soil is compacted, there is no where for the water to go.  Water run-off can increase your storm drainage bills, and also wash away your early spring fertilizer and pre-emergent weed preventer.

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