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    Leap Day - Our Amazing Lawn Care Customers

    Posted by: Alicia Johnston on February 29, 2012

    leap yearHe’s a regular Hugh Hefner.  “When I’m 84, I’ll have a wife that’s only 21,” jokes Beth LaFaciola’s husband Paul.  That’s because Beth was born on February 29th, or as we know it, Leap Day.  Beth has been a loyal customer of Weed Pro now for over seven seasons, and just recently we found out about her special day.

    Leap Day Baby

    Now one might find that having a birthday only once every four years may not be that fun, but Beth loves the fact that it makes her unique.  Actually, it has worked out well for her, getting to celebrate her birthday on both February 28th and March 1st every year.  Additionally, as she gets older, she finds pleasure in the fact that she just now became a teenager.

    In addition to the young age, she’s had the opportunity to celebrate her 10th birthday the same month that her daughter (born in February too) celebrated her 10th.  Not only was it special due to the fact that they shared that special bond, but they both got to share that amazing story on several television stations and newspapers.

    Amazing Milestones

    So remember, the next time that you think that you have accomplished a lot at a young age, compare them with the accomplishments of Beth LaFaciola:

    • Age 4:  Received Drivers License;
    • Age 5 1/2: Graduated College;
    • Age 7: Had her first child;
    • Age 13: her oldest child will graduate college, youngest will graduate high school;
    • Age 13: Her middle child will bless her with a 2nd Grandchild;
    • Age 13: Opened her second pilates studio, The Symmetry Pilates.

    We Want to Hear From You, Our Amazing Lawn Care Customers

    We think that all of our lawn care customers are just amazing!  Now Weed Pro wants to share the stories of our amazing customers with all our friends.  If you have an amazing story, or just want to tell us a little bit more about you, we encourage you to contact us at info@weed-pro.com!


    Alicia Johnston

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