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The 3 Most Common DIY Lawn Care Mistakes

lawn care mistakesWelcome to the unofficial start of Spring!  Whether your in Cleveland, or Columbus, now is the time of year that thoughts turn towards warmer weather, and the mercy of another terrible Blue Jackets season coming to an end!  Also with Spring, comes the thoughts of a beautiful, weed free lawn.  

Most Common DIY Lawn Care Mistakes

If you’re bound and determined to spend your Saturdays out in your lawn pushing a spreader, here are the most common lawn care mistakes made by the do-it-yourselfer:

  • Improper Equipment & Settings -Frequently, people pull their spreaders out of the garage, throw some fertilizer in it, walk the lawn, and call it a day.  This actually could spell disaster for your lawn based on the type of spreader, and what settings you have it on.  First, drop spreaders are the wrong type of spreader to use.  These spreaders “drop” a unspecified amount on your turf and can cause burning and un-even patches.  

    Rotary spreaders are the equipment that should be used when fertilizing your lawn.  But be careful, the settings that determine how much fertilizer drops through to the rotor needs to be set exactly to the fertilizer manufacturers settings.  
  • Using the Same Bag of Fertilizer All Year - Different types of fertilizer should be used at different points of the lawn care season.  When hiring a lawn care company, they typically set you up on a 5-7 step lawn care program that addresses your lawn’s certain needs throughout the season.  Using the wrong fertilizer at the wrong point in the year can spell doom for your lawn.

Weed Pro is Here to Help!

The licensed and trained lawn care professionals at Weed Pro are ready to help you get your lawn into top shape!  Take a look around our website for valuable tips and tricks to get your lawn looking just right!  We also can provide you with a FREE LAWN CARE ESTIMATE so you can see just how affordable lawn care can be.

More Tips for This Spring

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, make sure you check out our Free Spring Lawn Care Guide, by clicking on the link below.

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