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What can I do about the Dog damage in my lawn? – Weed Pro Lawn Care

Dog Urine MarksWe all love our four legged best friend. But those spots in the lawn are horrible to look at!  Your friends at Weed Pro want you to know that you don’t have to deal with that ugly sight!

The Science Behind Urine Damage

When your puppy goes to the bathroom on your lawn, it usually causes a yellow spot after a couple of days go by.  The lawn care science behind this phenomenon two chemicals found in dog urine, salt and access nitrogen from ammonia.  Yep, the same basic material (nitrogen) that makes your yard green, is causing dead spots in your lawn when Fido uses the bathroom.  Excess nitrogen, whether it’s from fertilizer or dog urine, causes your lawn to “burn” by overloading it.  Additionally, the salt in dog urine acts much like road salt, blocking the turfs ability to take in important nutrients.

How to get rid of Dog Damage

Luckily if you live in Ohio, you more than likely will have a grass that once watered heavily will grow back into that dead area.  However, to stop this from happening all together, the best thing to do is to keep a bucket of water next to where Fido goes, and soak the area after he’s done.

Weed Pro is Here to Help!

The licensed and trained lawn care professionals at Weed Pro are ready to help you get your lawn into top shape!  Take a look around our website for valuable tips and tricks to get your lawn looking just right!  We also can provide you with a FREE LAWN CARE ESTIMATE so you can see just how affordable lawn care can be.