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Certified and Licensed Applicators - Weed Pro Lawn Care

Certified and Licensed TechsWhat is a Certified & Licensed Applicator?

A certified and licensed lawn care applicator means that he has obtained both training and passed a state (or national) test on the proper use and application of lawn care products.  This test and training is a difficult process and must be updated every year in order to retain licensing.

Why is this important to me?

Well, in one word - Safety.  Trained and licensed applicators will apply your lawn care products safely, and in the proper amounts.  Too much of these products could be harmful to your lawn.  Additionally, not handling these products carefully can become dangerous.

Does Weed Pro have licensed and trained applicators?

Yes, Weed Pro insists on staffing only licensed and trained technicians.  In fact, Weed Pro also puts their technicians through their own training program, in addition to the state required ones.  These classes help make Weed Pro one of the most responsible lawn care companies in Ohio.

For more questions, and general lawn care information, contact Weed Pro!

The licensed and trained lawn care professionals at Weed Pro are ready to help you get your lawn into top shape!  Take a look around our website for valuable tips and tricks to get your lawn looking just right!  We also can provide you with a FREE LAWN CARE ESTIMATE so you can see just how affordable lawn care can be.