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The 50/50 Lawn Care Gamble that Could Result in Your Lawn's Death!

GrubsEvery year we are often asked if we had to recommend one lawn treatment beyond normal weed & feed products, what would it be.  The answer almost always comes back to Grub & Insect preventer.

Grubs - Killing Your Lawn from the Inside

Grub control is probably the most expensive treatment in you lawn care package.  However, it's the most damaging lawn care problem your lawn could possibly face.  While there is no rhyme or reason to if you'll get grubs or not, rest assurred that if you do, you'll be replacing your entire lawn.

Grubs do there damage from the inside out, attacking your root systems and killing your lawn beneath the surface.  Due to this, often it's too late to take any action to treat your lawn, causing it's demise.

Are Grubs Prevelant in this Area?

Grubs are commonly found in both Cleveland and Columbus yards.  Unfortunately there is no pattern associated with this terrible lawn problem.  In fact, we've seen uneffected lawns surrounded on both sides with lawns that have grubs.  

How are Grubs Prevented?

Grub control is important to get down in the late spring.  This prevents the Grub larvae from hatching and starting to devour your lawn.  Grub preventer kills the insect before it has a chance to become trouble for your lawn.  

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