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Keep Bugs Out of Your Home! - Lawn Care & Home Video Tips

Bugs in your lawn can be a problem.  Worse yet, when they start coming in your home, they pose even a bigger risk.  These bugs often carry viruses and can be a cleaning nightmare.  

Weed Pro offers Treatment for Home & Lawn Insects

Even the bugs that pose a risk to lawn care can be a problem. At Weed Pro, we offer treatment, not just for lawn pests through our NoGrub and Insect Treatment, but home invaders as well.

Bugs the Home Perimeter Spray Keeps Out

Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders, Potato Bugs, Asian Lady Beetle (those fake lady bugs that bite!) and other creepy-crawlies get inside through openings around the base of your home. Our NoBug Perimeter Pest Spray creates a shield around your home, stopping new bugs from getting in and killing those insects already crossing in and out of the house. 

How Does the Spray Work? 

Typically, spraying your foundation with this "barrier" four times throughout the season keeps the bugs out of your home for the entire year.  While a majority of your home improvement stores carry this type of spray, it is often expensive, and if not applied correctly, ineffective.

More Information About Bugs/Insects That Can KILL!

Insects in the home aren't the only serious problem you may face.  Read more about the insect problem in your lawn YOU CAN'T SEE that could KILL YOUR LAWN!  Read More...