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Yellow Lawn? Lack of Water May Not Be the Problem!

GrassShreddingWe have officially hit a drought here in Columbus and Cleveland.  With the lack of rain, lawn care companies are stressing the importance of watering your lawn.  While lack of water is causing a lot of "yellowish" lawns, lack of water may not be what's causing all of them.

Dull Blades = Yellow Lawn

Keeping your lawn at a proper height & proper watering during stressful times such as drought conditions can help keep your lawn green.  However, cutting your lawn with unsharpened or dullish blades can cause a "shredding" effect that turns the top of your lawn blades yellow.

"Shredding" Instead of "Cutting"

As we treat lawns, we are seeing a tremendous amount of "shredding" at this time of year.  It's because you've mowed your lawn 8-10 times and the blades are becoming dull.  If you look closely at your grass blades (and the picture in the upper right) you'll see that the blades have yellow, un-even tips from being cut with a dull blade.  The yellow extends down 1/3 of the blade, causing a yellowish appearance from a distance. 

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