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Lawn Care Blog

Weed Pro's Updated Website & New Blog Schedule!

As you may have noticed, over the past few weeks Weed Pro's website has changed! It is our intentions to build the ultimate lawn care & plant care website featuring a wealth of information, advice, community features, and informational downloads. Additionally, we'll be focusing more on our safe and earth friendly products, featuring blogs and downloads about pet safety and our safe product line. Our blog will also have a specific schedule, allowing you the reader to look forward to themed articles and downloads on specific days. Our schedule will be as follows: Video Monday: featuring a web video about tips, our processes, and other fun stuff; Tree & Shrub Tuesday: a look at tree and shrub care in Ohio; Lawn Care Wednesday: a feature on lawn care tips, advice, and problems you may see; Pet Safety Thursday: advice on how to keep your pets safe outdoors & info about Weed Pro's Pet Safe Products! Community Saturday: an article showcasing a local cause, community event, or one of our fabulous customers! So stay tuned for some great stuff!