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How to Spot Heatstroke in Pets - Weed Pro Pet Safety Thursday

Pet Heatstroke SafetyDuring this extraordinarily hot & humid week we caught up with Weed Pro customer, and local Veterinarian Dr. Jason Lamb to get some tips on how to spot and prevent heatstroke in pets.  

The Dangers of This Hot Weather

When speaking to Dr. Lamb, he said that our usual routine with our pets needs to be altered when temperatures and humidity reach these record levels.  Keeping your pets outside for longer periods of time playing can cause harm to your animals, because they lack the cooling mechanisms that humans have.  Dogs cool themselves by panting mostly, and some short-faced breeds, such as Bulldogs, have an especially hard time because they do not pant as efficiently as other dogs.  So keeping your pets indoors and limiting their walks to the evening or mornings is the best thing you can do.

Additionally, think twice about taking your pet in the car with you to the store.  If your pet has to remain in the vehicle, temperatures can climb well past 100 degrees in a matter of minutes, even if the windows are open.  Keep your pets at home, or drop them off at a friends to be watched.

Heatstroke and it's symptoms & How to Treat It

Heatstroke is a serious and often fatal result of your animal's prolonged exposure to the excessive heat we're currently experiencing.  Some classic signs of heatstroke are:

  • Heavy Panting & Rapid Breathing;
  • Excessive Drooling & Bright Red Gums/Tongue;
  • Loss of Balance or Posting to Gain Balance. 
If your pet begins to exhibit these signs, get them to a Vetenary Clinic as soon as possible.  Also attempt to cool your pet down by doing the following:
  • Hose down with Water;
  • Allow Dog to lick ice chips;
  • Offer Pedialyte to restore electrolytes,
  • Apply rubbing alcohol to it's pads.

Weed Pro's Summer Outdoor Pet Safety Guide

Download Weed Pro's Summer Outdoor Pet Safety guide and pick up advice that will help keep your animals safe and healthy this summer!