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How YOU Can Save Your Ash Trees from Dying!

No one knows for sure, but sometime before 2002, deadly organism stowed away on a ship that traveled through the Great Lakes Region and somehow managed to break loose and head to shore.  This deadly organism is responsible for millions of dollars of destruction throughout our region.  Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, right?  Actually, it's what scientists believed happened when the Emerald Ash Borer arrived in the area.

The Emerald Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer is an insect native of Asia, and is believed to have come to America as stow aways on cargo ship containers.  This bug, destroys ash trees by "burrowing" into the trees bark and destroying the trees water & nutrient rich tissue.  This sickens the tree, and eventually kills it.

How To Identified Infected Trees


As shown in the picture on the right, the easiest way to tell if your tree is infected is by the trees leaves or canopy.  A thinned tree that is not very full is an easy indicator of the insect.  The bug itself is metallic-green in color and is often found on the bark of infected trees.

How Do I Protect My Trees

Select lawn care companies and arborists offer a soil drench solution that will kill/prevent the insect.  This application is harmless to the tree, but deadly to the insect.

Weed Pro Can Help Your Trees!

Weed Pro is one of the few area providers of this treatment, and is available at a discounted rate of $90 an application/per tree, with multiple tree discount available.  Speak to a Weed Pro representative today at 866-724-4555 to schedule an application. 

FREE Tree & Shrub Disease/Insect Guide

Emerald Ash Borer is just one of the issues that your trees and shrubs face this summer. Download our FREE GUIDE today to identify possible issues in your landscape!

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