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Water Less and Still Get a Green Lawn? We have the Secrets!

res rotor 5Watering your lawn is becoming an expensive process in Ohio this summer. With no signs of this drought letting up, Weed Pro has the secrets that will reduce the amount of water you use, cutting your water bill!

Watering Tips

  1. Water Before 7am - We've talked in blog posts before about the importance of watering in the morning instead of the evening.  In addition to lessening the chance of lawn disease, watering early in the morning allows for less water to be evaporated, and reach your soil.
  2. Cycle and Soak - Often when watering for too long in the same area the soil becomes saturated and excess water begins to run off wasting precious water.  How do you stop this?  Most irrigation controllers offer a "Cycle and Soak" feature that will cycle through your zones multiple times, putting down a little water each time.  This gives the soil enough time to absorb water, and take more.
  3. Change Your Nozzles - Around 10 years ago, there was a big push in the irrigation industryto start using water saving technology.  Today, every manufacturer carries a full line of water saving nozzles and heads that help conserve more water than typical sprinkler heads.  Go towww.Rainbird.com to learn more about some of these state of the art nozzles.

Weed Pro's WaterLess Treatment Reduces Watering by 50%!

Waterless Treatment

Our WaterLess Treatment reduces the amount of water you need to use on your lawn by almost half.  When applied, the tiny granules attract free water molecules out of the air like tiny magnets, converting them into microscopic droplets, delivering mosture to your lawn’s root system for Three Months.  Learn more and receive a Free Quote by Clicking Here

How Much $$$ Can I Save on my Water Bill with Weed Pro's WaterLess Treatment - Get the Free Calculator!

Did you know that the average water bill INCREASES BY $9 every time you water for 2 HOURS?  Find out how much your water bill increases, and how you can save up to 50% with Weed Pro's WaterLess Treatment by downloading our free calculator!