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Avoid These 5 Deadly Cookout Dangers with Your Dog!

fireworksAs we celebrate this Fourth of July holiday with our family and friends, we'll want our four legged family members by our side.  So Indy, Weed Pro's Director of Lawn Care & Pet Safety, put together her Top 5 Dangers to avoid at cookouts!

  1. Don't Feed Your Pet Cookout Foods! - some food at the cookout may not harm your dog, but did you know that foods such as mushrooms, onions, and garlic can be fatal?  Greasy cookout food can also cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. 
  2. Put Away All Matches & Lighter Fluid - Chemicals found on matches can be very poisonous if ingested by your pet.  Lighter fluid can also be dangerous if consumed. It's best if you use what you need, then put the left overs away and out of reach.
  3. Keep Bug Candles & Repellent Out of Reach - The citronella found in bug repellent and candles can cause a dog to get sick, or may even be fatal if ingested.  It's best if you keep these products high, and out of fido's reach.
  4. Don't Let Your Dog in the Garbage! - Dogs sometimes get into the trash, but be careful, left over bones can be lodged or can puncture your dog's digestive tract. 
  5. Don't Give Your Dog Alcohol! - It may seem dumb to say, but some people think it's funny to let their dog take a drink of their ice-cold beer. But it's not funny when you end up at the animal clinic.  

Keep Your Pet Safe Outdoors!

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