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    The Blessing House - Weed Pro's Community Focus

    Posted by: Dawn Burt on June 30, 2012

    blessinghouseOften at Weed Pro we have the pleasure of working with some great charities from the areas we serve.  Perhaps one of the best charities that we have had the pleasure to work with is The Blessing House, located in Lorain.

    The Blessing House - God's Project of Hope

    Blessing House is an alternate way to help families before they became involved in the child welfare system. The house, started over 12 years ago, is a safe place for children to go during family crises began to take shape.  

    Sister Mary and Ms. Humphrey - Founders of The Blessing House

    Sr. Mary Berigan and Donna Humphrey, both guardian ad litems in the children’s advocacy program Voices for Children, formed the Blessing House because they felt too many parents just didn’t have enough help when they were dealing with the emergencies in their lives and often would not have the time or energy to care for their children.  

    Serving Many Children in Lorain County

    Once Blessing House opened, it wasn’t long before the first child came to visit. They haven’t stopped coming since.  600 children have stayed at Blessing House during the first 5 1/2 years we were open.  In 2008, over 1000 children had stayed at Blessing House, receiving much needed care and support.

    The Blessing House Needs Our Help!

    A 501(c)3 charity, The Blessing House depends on the generosity of others in our community to help keep their project of hope going strong.  Events such as the "Rock a Bye Ball" and Annual Golf Outing help the organization fund raise.  However, with children coming in and out of the home, they are always in need of basic supplies.  We encourage everyone to visit their website: www.BlessingHouse.org to either make a donation online, or view their "needs" list and drop off some basic supples.

    Weed Pro's Commitment to Community

    As a part of our community, Weed Pro is actively involved in making it a better place. That's why our employees actively participate in charity sponsorship and volunteer their time to make sure we do our part. Weed Pro cares about our community and works to make it better for all of us.

    If you know of a great organization or charity in our community that we should feature, email Dawn our Community Blog Writer at Dawn@Weed-Pro.com 


    Dawn Burt

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