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Lawn Care Blog

Lawn Care & Pet Safety - Monday Video Blog

Employees of Weed Pro have always taken pride in the fact that not only do we deliver some of the best looking lawns in Cleveland & Columbus, but that we also do it with some of the safest products in the industry.

Holganix - Safe Lawn Care

Our Holganix line not only delivers great results, but also provides a safe alternative to some dangerous products that are currently in your "big box store."  Made with all natural products, Holganix delivers food to the micro organisms in your soil, promoting a natural fertilization process.

Dr. Jason Lamb - Vetenarian and Weed Pro Customer

It's easy for any company to state that they deliver results, while being safe for you, your family, and your pets.  However, Weed Pro talks the talk & walks the walk!  Some of our best customers are vets, doctors, and nurses! They all know what Weed Pro knows, our trained technicians deliver your lawn care products safely, so you and your family can enjoy!  Dr. Jason Lamb is one of these great Weed Pro customers.  Check out this interview with him about our services and why he has Weed Pro provide him lawn care for his Avon Lake home!

FREE Pet Safety Download!

Weed Pro wants you and your pets to be safe this Summer!  That's why we encourage you to download our Pet Safety Guide that will help you keep Fido safe all summer long! Get it for FREE by clicking on the button below: