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    Working with a Lawn Care Company to Maximize Your Lawn's Value

    Posted by: Andrew Muntz on July 3, 2012

    Maximizing Your Lawn's ValueMaximizing your landscape’s value is an on going process.  A true garden is never complete as it is constantly evolving through out the seasons.  Utilizing the services of Weed pro, and following proper cultural practices will help you to make the most of your lawn and landscape.

    Team Work

    Lawn care companies can often help you to feed and nourish your lawn throughout the growing season.  However, unless you have a full time gardner, your lawn care provider can not be there with you 24/7.  This is where the team work part comes in.

    When you are out working in your yard there are a few thing that you can do to help your lawn care company. 

    • Watch!- Look for areas in your yard that might be a concern.  As you see your landscape on a daily basis, you will be the first one to notice problems.  This is very important to help get keep your little problems from becoming detrimental to the whole yard.
    • Mow high- Mowing your lawn high can help to conserve moisture, strengthen root systems, and crowd out weeds.
    • Set it, but don’t forget it- Set your mowing deck higher during hot dry periods, but keep that blade sharp.  Your mower blade should be sharpened every 10-12 hours of mowing.  For most that would be 2-3 times a year! 
    • Watering- If you are going to water, make sure that you are watering deeply.  One inch of water a week for lawns, and that should come in 1-2 irrigation cycles.  If you don’t irrigate, let it go dormant.  A turf grass plant can generally go 3-4 weeks with no irrigation.

    Summer Lawn Care Guide

    These tips go along way to helping make your lawn look beautiful.  Download our FREE SUMMER LAWN CARE GUIDE to get more info on maximizing your lawn investment! Click on the button below:

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    Author: Andrew Muntz received his Master’s of Science in Turfgrass science and his Bachelors of Science in Landscape Horticulture at The Ohio State University, Columbus OH. 


    Andrew Muntz

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