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    Weed Pro Wants You to “Live It Well!"

    Posted by: Dawn Burt on July 7, 2012

    More than a lawn care company, Weed Pro is a family.  It's important that we look out for our family's health.  That is why Weed Pro employees have taken part in a health program, and encourages all our customers to participate in one too.

    Healthy Lawns, Healthy Lives

    Well, to put our money where our mouth is, Weed Pro employees are in the 2nd week of Sue Jordan’s “Live It Well” program. Like many other companies, Weed Pro has been affected by increasing cost of medical insurance over the years. As a way to ensure we are taking our health in our own hands, Weed Pro owner, Rob Palmer, enrolled several of us in the “Live It Well” program.

    What Live It Well Can Do

    Liveitwell™ is a six-week, nutritional plan that equips it's participants with the knowledge needed to make healthy food choices. Put simply, you learn how to eliminate fake foods laced with chemical additives and replace them with real, whole, healthy foods rich in natural nutrients. Making these changes will fuel the body while slimming it down, promoting health for your life. Liveitwell™ teachs you how to eat—and what to eat—on a regular basis throughout the day, thus helping you balance your mood and gain more energy. You learn how fats, carbs, and proteins affect your body, and how to identify the good ones that promote weight loss, increased energy, and healthy skin, bones, and muscles. 

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    About the Founder

    Sue Jordan is the creator of “Live It Well”. She has over 28 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, in addition to being a certified nutrition consultant, personal trainer, and wellness specialist. Sue knows health! The program consists of one meeting each week for six weeks, recipes, advice, and LOTS of learning. Live It Well is a way of life, not a diet! 

    Are You Happy With Your Health?

    Ask yourself – am I satisfied with my current state of health? Are there any areas of my body I would like to improve? Am I truly eating to fuel my body? Do I even know what’s in the foods I eat? Our health should be the most important thing in our lives. Without good health we wouldn’t be here to love and enjoy our families, to do our jobs, etc. 

    Each week we learn so much. Sue is encouraging, uplifting, and truly interested in helping us reach our goals. When we’ve finished the program, I will write a follow-up article sharing our results with our readers. You can find more information on Sue’s website www.liveitwell.net


    Dawn Burt

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