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How to Install Drip Irrigation for Your Plants - Lawn Care Video

We all know the benefits of a well-watered lawn.  But often during this hot and dry Summer, your plants are often overlooked.  Lack of water can cause plants not only stress, but can slowly kill them.  A lack of water can stress a plant to the point that it won't recover.

That's why today's video features how to set up a drip irrigation system in your landscape bed, all for less than $100 with parts from your local home improvement store.  

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During this hot, dry summer, your yard isn't the only thing struggling!  Your plants may just have started to show signs of stress, however without proper care, they may die!  Weed Pro's Summer Plant Care Guide will help you nurse those plants back to health!

In This Guide You'll Learn:

  • What methods you should use when watering;
  • How you can prevent shallow rooting and fungus;
  • The simple way to keep moisture around your plant;
  • and much more!
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