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Lawn Care Blog

Weed Pro's Lawn Care Process - Video Monday

So you expect great lawn care from Weed Pro.  But did you ever wonder what goes into providing lawn care to over 6000 Columbus and Cleveland residents?


Throw some fertilizer down and move on to the next house, right?  Not exactly.  Weed Pro uses a state-of-the-art program that tracks everything going on with your account and lawn, and is accessed by our technicians in their vehicles.  On board computers allow our technicians "mobile diagnosing" and keep our operations smooth and efficient.


Our visit to your lawn starts with our state licensed technicians reviewing you lawn.  Soil samples and a visual inspection are preformed, then results are entered into our technicians computers.  Once a diagnosis is completed, a proper treatment plan.

Spot Treatments

In addition to your application, Weed Pro provides a thorough check of your lawn for spot weeds.  Our technicians spray these areas, and note them in their computer systems.

Flagging & Notification

At the end of your treatment, we notify you that we've been their by placing a flag in your lawn.  Additionally, mandated by law, we leave you a printed explanation of the products we have used.