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Low Price Lawn Aerations... Too Good to be True?

cheap lawn aeratingSo we've all seen the signs around Cleveland and Columbus yards promoting lawn aerations for low, low prices.  But the question is, are these advertisements too good to be true?  The short answer is yes.

Cheap Isn't Always Right

As I sat in the waiting room at the Cleveland Clinic today as my wife had LASIK surgery performed, I couldn't help but think of all the ads on the radio I've heard the past month promoting cheap surgery alternatives.  One ad even featured by one, get one free.  However, both my wife and I felt that the Clinic was the best option for her eyes.  

Now I know there is a difference between surgery on your eyes, and aerating your lawn, but a bad lawn aeration is a waste of money.  It won't leave you blind, but why not pay a little more to have your lawn taken care of by someone who knows what they're doing?

Why Aerating Your Lawn is Important

Getting your lawn aerated by a professional this fall can help your lawn recover from a long, hot summer.  Thousands of tiny holes are taking out of your lawn, relieving compaction and allowing your roots to grow downward again.

Additionally, these pockets allow water, nutrients, and fertilizer to reach your root systems, strengthening your lawn for the upcoming cold months.  The plugs removed break down and serve as organic food for your lawn as well.

What to Look for When Hiring a Company to Aerate Your Lawn

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking to hire a lawn care professional to aerate your lawn.  

  1. Equipment - now anyone can go up to the local home improvement store and rent a core aerator. However, a professional lawn care company will have more than one aerating option with multiple spikes for different soil conditions.  In addition, these "spikes" must be serviced frequently for maximum efficiently. 
  2. Method - when aerating a lawn, it's important that the correct method is used.  Weed Pro uses a double-cross method that has our aerating machines making multiple passes in your lawn.
  3. Fertilizing & Overseeding Options - a professional lawn care company should review your options with you when performing an aeration. Overseeding your lawn during an aeration is a great way to improve density and help choke out weeds in your lawn.  Fertilizing at the same time can also help your roots develop thicker "feeder root" systems.
Help Your Lawn Recover with the Perfect Aeration Plan
Download our free fall recovery plan and learn how to aerate your lawn properly, along with some other methods you can do to get your lawn looking great this fall!  Download it free by clicking the image below:
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