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Columbus Fall Lawn Care: 5 Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Columbus Fall Lawn CareIt's been a tough summer in the capital city, and no one has had it worse than our lawns.  Proper fall lawn care is an important step both for recovery, and ensuring a great looking lawn next spring.  Without it, your lawn may perish over the Columbus winter.  

This fall is the perfect time to put together an action plan that can help your lawn recover, preparing it for winter and making sure it looks great for next spring.  

Early Fall Fertilizer

You'll want to stimulate growth in your lawn in early fall to start reversing the process of a tough summer.  New growth will help choke out disease and weeds that have thrived while your lawn laid dormant through the hot weather.  Make sure that you let your grass grow a bit longer than normal, and cut it back to normal length over a period of time.  This will help eliminate shock.

Let Your Soil Breathe!

A fall aeration is an important part of helping your lawn recover.  An aeration helps relieve compaction in your soil, allowing roots that have become shallow, to start growing downwards again.  The cores that are removed also serve as pockets for water and other nutrients to help your root systems grow.

Late Fall Application

You may think fertilizing in mid to late October is a waste.  However it's the most important part of your lawn care program.  Your lawn's root system is actively growing and gathering nutrients until the ground freezes.  Your roots are gathering carbohydrates, building up the cell walls of the plant.  Similar to how a squirrel fattens up for a winter hibernation, your lawn is storing nutrients to keep it alive during winter, and ensure a green start to the year.

Weed Pro's Five Step Lawn Recovery Guide

Download our Free Lawn Care Recovery guide to help your lawn recover from this past summer.  The guide will provide you with valuable information and knowledge that will have your lawn looking great this fall and next spring!  Download it now by clicking on the link below:

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Written by Shaun Kanary. Shaun Kanary is the Director of Marketing for Weed Pro. Growing up in the Green Industry, Shaun has had an extensive background in lawn care and landscaping. Learn more about Shaun on his account or follow him on Twitter.