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Black-Legged Tick in Ohio & How Your Lawn Care Company Can Help!

black legged tickWe've all seen the news lately, including the article from the Columbus Dispatch announcing the arrival of the Black-Legged Tick into Ohio, the number of Lyme Disease cases are on the rise.  In this article, we'll talk about how you can protect your family, your pets, and yourself from ticks in general and how your lawn care company can help limit your chances of being bit by a tick.

Protecting Yourself - Things You Can Do

Protecting yourself outdoors means taking the proper precautions yourself.  Make sure you wear long long sleeve shirts, pants and boots when walking through high grass or the woods. Clean debris such as leaves and clippings out of your landscape beds, and keep your lawn mowed at reasonable height, such as 3-4".

Repellents that contain 10-30% DEET are also advised to be sprayed on your clothing. However, make sure you don't get them on your skin, the chemicals may irritate it. 

Protecting Yourself - Things Your Lawn Care Company Can Do

Ticks our opportunistic creatures, often hanging out in places that will give them easy access to their future hosts.  That's why the most common place to find ticks is in your yard or landscape beds.  Ticks pearch themselves on top of the grass blades, waiting until someone, or animal walks by, then attach themselves to the ankle or calf.

"Ticks often lay in wait in lawns, where most pets and people pick them up," Dr. Jason Lamb, DVM said to us when talking about Pets and Ticks.  "Unfortunately with the BlackLegged Tick, people don't notice them because of their small size, which often leads to the animal becoming ill."  

So how do you keep ticks from invading your lawn?  Easy, your lawn care company can help with that!  Insecticides such as Talstar and others, when applied properly, are safe for humans but a real killer for Ticks and Fleas.  Make sure when contracting a lawn care company that they have the necessary license to apply the product, and give you detailed instructions on when you can return to your lawn after the treatment.

When applied correctly, this treatment can significantly reduce your chances of being bitten by a tick when enjoying your lawn.

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