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    Planting for All Seasons- Fall Lawn and Landscaping

    Posted by: Andrew Muntz on September 15, 2012

    blackeyedsusanThe most inspirational gardens and landscapes have something that is always in color.  Spring, summer, fall and winter are all opportunities to showcase different plants in your landscape.  Here are a few tips for enhancing your fall landscape.

    Perennials and Annuals
    Many perennials such as cone flower, black eyed Susan, and ornamental grasses can use their textures, seed heads, and fall colors to bring in the new season.  Leave the old flowers and foliage to give that fall look and feed the birds!

    Other perennials such as Joe Pye weed, mums, and late blooming sedum can add color along with interesting textures.  These plants will be reliable to give you years of fall interest.

    Fall annuals are not necessarily going to give you the impact of your summer annuals, but they aren’t supposed to.  Plants like kale and cabbage can add to the seasonal look with their foliage.  There are also annual varieties of mums that will give you nice floral displays.

    Trees and Shrubs
    Many trees and shrubs have great color that will stand out in any landscape.  As the days become shorter and the temperatures cooler, the leaves begin to change color.  Plants such as maples, viburnums, choke berries, service berries, and many others will add good fall color.

    Think Outside the “Flower” Box
    Plantings for the fall are unique because of some of the different objects you can incorporate.  Corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, and twigs with berries on them are all great choices to mix into your landscape.  These products are readily available at most garden centers and can give your landscape that extra fall feeling!

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    Andrew Muntz

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