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Lawn Care Tips: Why Fall Fertilizing is Important

As we say goodbye to another tough Ohio summer in Columbus and Cleveland, we are left with lawns in need of some TLC.  No, I don’t mean the late 90’s R&B band; I mean a fall fertilization plan.describe the image

Early Fall Fertilizer’s Impact on Your Lawn Care
Weed Pro uses an early fall fertilizer that contains a good source of phosphorus (p) and potassium (k) to help your turf’s root system recover from the harsh summer.  This feeding also allows your lawn to begin storing nutrients for the winter, and building it’s carbohydrates, strengthening cell walls and repairing damage.

It’s imperative that your use an early fall fertilizer near the beginning of September, when the cooler temperatures and moisture has returned to the area.  This timing allows your lawn to receive important nutrients for its recovery from the stressful summer. 

Type of Fertilizer to Use in Early Fall
Weed Pro prefers to use a blend that maintains a higher nitrogen rate for growth, mixed with a strong phosphorus and potassium count, such as a 25-8-5 blend.

Late Fall Fertilizer’s Impact on Your Lawn
Probably the most overlooked fertilizer application of the year is perhaps your lawns most needed treatment.  After recovering over several weeks during the month of September, a late round fertilizer delivers important nutrients to your lawn for the winter and following spring. 

Typically this application should be performed mid to late October, allowing your lawn to continue it’s buildup of nutrients for the winter.  Additionally, a slow-release, poly coated granular allows for nitrogen to be slowly released, and serve as an early spring food source.

Type Fertilizer to Use in Late Fall
Again, Weed Pro uses a higher nitrogen fertilizer that contains some phosphorus and potassium for root growth and carbohydrate storage.  A typical blend for late fall is a 32-3-8.

Weed Pro’s Fall Recovery Plan
It’s been a tough summer, and it’s imperative that you take steps to repair your lawn now, so that you have a great looking lawn next spring. Download our Free Lawn Care Recovery guide to help your lawn recover from this past summer.  The guide will provide you with valuable information and knowledge that will have your lawn looking great this fall and next spring!  Download it now by clicking on the link below:

Get Our Free 5 Step Fall Recovery Guide!