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    What is Winterizer? Frequently Asked Lawn Fertilizer Service Questions

    Posted by: Tony Ziroli on October 22, 2012

    The term “winterizer” has been used for years to promote and sell various fall lawn applications on Northern grasses.  The term has been used to sell different fertilizer blends for applications ranging from early August, to late November.  Weed Pro emphasizes the importance of a fall fertilizer applications, due to the fact that your lawn needs help recovering from a stressful summer, and storing up nutrients for the cold winter. 

    What is a Winterizer?fall
    Late fall fertilizing is often referred to as a winterizer application in the lawn care industry.  Often companies will use this terminology to refer to the late fall fertilizer application that goes down in late October, early November, that encourages the lawn to store more food for winter survival, and encourages thick top growth and rapid root growth when the lawn awakens in the spring.

    Why is Fall Lawn Care so Important?
    Fall fertilizer applications from your lawn care company are the most important treatments of the year because the fall weather allows your lawn it’s best opportunity for growth.  The turf not only gets thicker on top, but also develops a stronger, denser, root system.  Proper fall lawn care can lead to a thicker lawn with less weeds in the spring.

    While your grass is not actively growing on top in late October, it is growing beneath the surface, thickening root cells and storing carbohydrates for winter.  Therefore a good rule of thumb is to feed your lawn one more time as soon as you put your lawn mower away for the winter.

    What does a Winterizer Application Consist of?
    Having a lawn care provider such as Weed Pro takes all the worry about what type of fertilizer is best for your lawn.  Different situations, and the overall health of your lawn will determine the proper fertilizer to use.  However, if you are doing it yourself, a good winterizer fertilizer will have a higher amount of Nitrogen and also contains potassium and iron for strong root growth.

    The Consequences of Skipping a Winterizer Application
    While skipping this vital step of your lawn care program may not cause permanent damage to your lawn, you may regrets next spring if you do skip it.  Most lawns that green up quicker are due to a proper late fall application from the previous year.  Additionally, diseased areas may not be as quick to recover without this application, and could lead to some bare spots in the spring that will have to be seeded.

    Weed Pro’s Ultimate Fall Lawn Guide
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