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    5 Reasons Your Lawn Care Service Isn’t Working

    Posted by: Tony Ziroli on November 26, 2012

    All you wanted was a green, weed free lawn.  But when choosing a lawn care company, every one  in Cleveland or Columbus told you that all you have to do is purchase their lawn care program, and they’ll take care of the rest.  Well, we’ll be the first to tell you that lawn care companies are not magic genies that will deliver you a beautiful lawn.  It takes work from the lawn care company AND YOU the homeowner to get that great looking lawn.  That’s why in this article we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons why you’re not getting the results you want from your lawn care service.  

    1. Not follwing watering recommendations for your program. Over and under watering cause a lot of different concerns to arise in turfgrass each season. Under-watering can lead to shallow root growth and poor color for example, where over-watering can open the lawn up to a host of different diseases and attract insect populations. Each lawn is different, so it is important to follow the instructions left by your technician.

    2. Improper Mowing
    Proper mowing is essential to healthy turf grass. A couple examples are: a dull mower blade can shred the crown of your grass an cause poor color and removing more than one third of the blade during mowing can stunt growth and cause loss of color as well. This is why Weed Pro will leave notes regarding recommended mowing height and more.

    3. Not reading your invoices and or technicians notes.
    At Weed Pro we send the same technician to your lawn with each application. We do this so they can get to know the homeowner and the lawns they service. If you are not home, the technician leaves valuable information on your invoice. This information can help you do your part to improve your lawn, as well as avoid frustration.CheckList

    4. Not calling in to ask questions and voice your concerns.
    Lawn care is a team effort. The provider and the homeowner must work together in order to achieve results. We are not able to be on your lawn every day, the homeowner is. If you are out in the lawn and see something that causes concern…. CALL US!! We are battling against mother nature and things can happen in between treatments. Sometimes when left untreated a easily fixed concern can turn into a major problem. Like your fourth grade teacher said…. There is no stupid question. We are hear to listen and address any concern.

    5. Skipping important services:
    If you were to go to the Doctor with an illness and he perscriped a antibiotic program to help make you well again…. Would you skip taking doses??  You are hiring a professional because your lawn is sick, and you have to give it the right medicine to encourage healthy growth and color.

    Wrapping Up
    These 5 reasons are the main cause of lawn care failures in our industry, and while it’s on you to make sure that you try to do your part, it’s our job to help give you advice along the way.  That’s why below we have a Free Spring Lawn Care Guide that can help you get the most out of your lawn care fertilization service.  Just click the button below to download your copy!

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