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    The 5 Cleveland Lawn Care Resolutions You Need To Keep!

    Shaun Kanary
    Posted by: Shaun Kanary on January 2, 2013

    cleveland lawn care resolutionsIt's the time of year when everyone is out to change a certain aspect of their life by making New Year Resolutions.  When it comes to how most of our lawns looked in the Cleveland area this past year, most of us could go for an improvement with how our lawn looks this year. That's why the team at Weed Pro Lawn Care has put together 5 Resolutions that YOU need to follow that will give you a great looking lawn this year!

    1. Fertilize Early & Use Crabgrass Preventer:  Often when fertilizing a lawn, people look for shortcuts to save money.  Using a plain fertilizer is always cheaper, however cutting the early season crabgrass preventer out of your spring routine will lead to crabgrass popping up in your lawn the entire summer.  It may cost a bit extra in the spring, but it's a season long defense against crabgrass. Read More About Crabgrass Prevention
    2. Don't Roll Your Lawn This Spring: I'm not sure who started the whole rolling thing, but it's a terrible idea.  In the early spring your lawn is starting new growth and is in a delicate condition.  Rolling your lawn can cause damage to the plant's crown, even causing death.  Not a good way to start off your spring! Read More Here
    3. Don't Cheap Out, Get Grub Prevention: Cleveland lawns were ravaged last year by grubs and other insects.  The hot, dry conditions cause insect outbreaks, and weakened your turf making it harder to recover from insect damage.  The amount of grub damage we saw alone TRIPLED in 2012 from the previous year.  I know it's expensive, but do yourself a favor and protect your lawn from grubs. Grub Damage and How to Avoid It
    4. Water SMARTER, not LONGER: Last year we saw ridiculous tempretures and little to no rain in the Cleveland area.  With that, many gave up watering their lawns trying to keep their water bills at an affordable rate.  If we have a similar summer, the key to keeping your lawn green is watering SMARTER, not LONGER.  First, water in the mornings instead of during the day. This cuts down on evaporation, and makes your water usage drop.  Due to the high amount of clay in our soil, our lawns are prone to water runoff.  Keep your water out of the storm drains by watering in 5-10 minute cycles which will avoid water runoff. Get More Watering Tips Here
    5. Let Your Lawn BREATH: aerating your lawn in the fall is often a good idea.  A lawn aeration will open up thousands of pockets in your lawn, allowing your lawn to breathe, as well as creating pockets for food and water to reach your lawn's root system.  Aerations can also be performed in late spring in areas with heavy compaction. Learn More About Lawn Aerations

    Weed Pro's FREE Spring Lawn Care Guide

    These are just a few of the many tips you can do to help prepare your lawn for a great 2013.  To learn more about proper Cleveland lawn care, download our spring lawn care guide absolutely FREE by clicking on the link below!    

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    Shaun Kanary 
    has been a part of the Green Industry for the past 15 years. As the Director of Marketing for Weed Pro Lawn Care, a Cleveland and Columbus Lawn Care Service Provider, Shaun is a regular contributor to the Weed Pro Blog, and other industry magazine and blogs. 

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    Shaun Kanary

    Shaun has been a part of the Green Industry for the past 15 years. As the Director of Marketing for Weed Pro, a Cleveland and Columbus Fertilizing Company, Shaun is a regular contributor to the Weed Pro Blog, and other industry magazines and blogs.

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