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    Lawn Care is A Lot Like Life; It’s All About The Timing

    Posted by: Brad Guggenbiller on January 27, 2013

    lawn care timingTiming is the key to a lot of different things in life.  The punch line to a good joke, waiting for that perfect sale, playing the stock market, are just a few examples whose success is dependent on having great timing.  Lawn care is another one you can add to your list.

    For Lawn Care Companies, It’s All About the Timing…

    Seasonally, we receive an influx of calls as soon as the weather breaks in March through mid-April.  These calls are often concerning the timing of the first application, which is very important because of its crabgrass prevention.  While we completely understand the urgency from the customer’s mind, it is important to address this concern and assure you and our other customers receive properly timed lawn care programs.

    Weed Pro Timing Schedule

    Unfortunately, lawn care companies cannot treat every customer on the same day, so we must space out the applications and build an agronomic program to suit all of our customers.  At Weed Pro, our applications are timed about 35-40 days apart, almost a 6 week window between them.  The fertilization and weed control program is built around this timeframe to ensure the highest quality results. 

    When Does Crabgrass Germinate?

    Typically, crabgrass germination begins in late April / Early May in the Columbus area.  For a company that uses the less expensive pre-emergent products for crabgrass prevention, this can be an issue.  If those products are not applied at least a week before crabgrass breaks out of its seed, then there will be a crabgrass issue.

    Extended Crabgrass Control Begins With Dimension

    We at Weed Pro use the top of the line crabgrass pre-emergent called Dimension.  Dimension not only prevents crabgrass but also kills crabgrass in the first few stages of its life cycle after it breaks from seed.  Dimension allows Weed Pro to keep our fertilization and weed control program properly timed for your lawn’s nutrient and weed control needs biologically, while also giving a couple extra weeks of crabgrass control.  This allows Weed Pro to start a little bit later than your national brands which may be out in February, when Spring weed control is nearly chemically impossible due to cold weather.  

    Learn More About What You Need To Look For When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

    Product selection and proper timing are just a few of the things you should look for when hiring a lawn care company.  Don’t worry, Weed Pro has you covered on what other things you need to look for when hiring a lawn care company.  Download our FREE Lawn Care Company Hiring Guide to find out everything you need to look for when hiring the perfect lawn care company.  To get your free copy, simply click the button below!

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    Brad Guggenbiller 
    represents the third generation of Guggenbillers to contribute to the industry. I currently manage the key components of Weed Pro's Central Ohio market. In my free time I also offer small scale freelance landscape design under the name Livin' The Dream Designs.

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