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    3 Reasons Why Your Lawn Needs Pre Emergent Weed Control

    Posted by: Robert Palmer on April 5, 2013

    Should Have Used A Pre Emergent Weed ControlPre emergent weed control is based on the principle that once you already have a substantial crop of weeds, the battle will be much more difficult. It's like keeping a person healthy through good eating and exercise rather than waiting for them to get sick and then treating him. 

    To help you understand the importance of preventing weeds in the first place instead of attacking them after they're established, we've laid out three reasons your lawn needs pre emergent weed control.

    1. Pre emergent weed control prevents weeds from germinating.When weeds don't have a chance to germinate, they never have a chance to grow. Not only does this keep your lawn looking better, but it also conserves your lawn's resources. The water you apply to your lawn will be soaked up by your turf's roots rather than by greedy weeds. 

    Different weeds germinate at different times of year. Crabgrass germinates in the spring, and dandelions germinate in the fall. If weed control is applied at appropriate times of the year, you can enjoy a weed-free yard all year round. For best results, crabgrass preventer should be applied between early April and the middle of May, so don't waste any time preventing a potential outbreak for this summer.

    2. Pre emergent weed control saves you time. Imagine what your summer could be like if you didn't have to spend time pulling weeds out of your lawn or trying to deter them with chemical applications. Instead of seeing your lawn as an endless to-do list, you could be sitting in your hammock or enjoying spending time with your children. Preemptive strikes on your weed control mean more time for you all summer long.

    You've heard the old saying: "Let one weed go to seed and you'll have a thousand next year." That's a colloquial saying behind the theory of pre emergent weed control. By taking care of the weeds before they ever have a chance to reproduce, you save yourself an amazing amount of time and effort.

    3. Pre emergent weed control helps you to maintain a thick, healthy, established lawn. When your grass grows without having to compete with weeds for soil, water, and sunlight, it grows stronger and more lush. This creates a virtuous cycle of healthy plant growth. Since your lawn grows unfettered, it's more thick and healthy, which keeps weeds and pests from being able to get a foothold later in the season.

    Pre emergent weed control provides optimal results when used on a healthy lawn. It doesn't provide the same results when used on an unhealthy lawn because a healthy lawn naturally provides its own layer of defense against weeds.

    Now is the time to plan for a beautiful, lush lawn for this summer. To learn more about how to prevent weeds from harming your lawn, contact us. We can answer your questions about lawn care services and weed control or give you a price estimate on your lawn. We look forward to helping you make this the best summer ever for your lawn.

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    Robert Palmer
    is the founder and owner of Weed Pro Lawn Care. Since opening in 2001, Weed Pro Lawn Care has become one of the nation’s leading lawn care companies. A respected leader in both the local community & industry, Rob has received many industry awards, such as the OTF’s Lawn Care Professional of the year. Additionally, Rob is a regular contributor to the Weed Pro Blog, and other industry magazines and blogs. 

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    Robert Palmer

    As the owner and president of Weed Pro, Rob Palmer is committed to helping Ohio properties look and feel their best. With years of experience in the field and a passion for helping property owners, he offers useful lawn care insight and advice on the Weed Pro blog.

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