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    Five Fertilizer Tips for Your Spring Lawn Care

    Posted by: Wendy Komancheck on April 1, 2013

    lawn care tips tricksSpring officially arrived on March 20, 2013, and although the weather seems more like February than April, it’s still time to think about what type of fertilizer that you want to use on your Akron, Cincinnati, or Columbus lawn.

    Tips & Tricks For This Spring's Lawn Care Season

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the optimum fertilizer for your lawn:

    1. If you live in Ohio, your grass is a cool season grass. Cool season grasses consist of Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and Fescues. These types of grasses don’t do well in extreme heat, prolonged heat waves, and drought. In a drought or a heat wave, they’ll go dormant and will turn brown.

    When it comes to fertilizing cool season grasses, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right kind of fertilizers. Rest assured that your local garden centers and box stores carry the appropriate fertilizers for cool season grasses. Make sure that you follow the directions on the package to avoid harming your lawn as well as the environment.

    2. All fertilizers are made with a balance of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to give your lawn the appropriate amounts of the right minerals for your grass to grow lush and thick. Many national brands come up with different types of fertilizers to meet every type of lawn and property size. Overall, there are two choices in fertilizer—water-soluble and water-insoluble.

    3. Water-soluble fertilizers quickly release nitrogen into the soil for a quick shot of grass growth. It’s generally advised that water-soluble fertilizers be applied later in the spring rather than earlier so that you don’t pollute your soil and water table with an overabundance of nitrogen. Also, water-soluble fertilizers will make your soil more acidic which isn’t ideal for healthy plant growth and root formation.

    4. Water-insoluble fertilizers slowly release nitrogen into the soil and are ideal for early spring application. This allows your turf to grow slowly. Additionally, water insoluble fertilizers won’t affect the pH of your soil. 

    5. Organic fertilizers are perhaps the best choice for feeding your lawn because they feed your soil for long-term health. Since your soil is where your plants get all their nutrients from, it’s imperative that your soil is healthy and nutrient-rich. Organic fertilizers may contain compost, protein-based ingredients, and/or natural microbes to feed your soil. Yet, you won’t see immediate results from organic fertilizers—they first need to seep into the ground for a few weeks before your grass will start to show any changes. There are many different types of organic fertilizers on the market.

    There are many fertilizer choices to choose from and they’re available at your local garden centers and box stores. These tips should help you make an informed choice on the products that are available.

    Benefits of a Professional Lawn Care Company

    While these products are readily available at any home improvement store, a professional lawn care service knows the exact type, amount, and when to apply fertilizer to an Akron, Cincinnati, or Columbus lawn. Consider calling a reputable lawn care company today for an estimate!

    Hiring the Right Lawn Care Company as Your Partner 

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    About Wendy:
    Wendy Komancheck is an accomplished Freelance Writer for Trade Magazines, Websites, and Local Businesses, specializing in horticultural articles. Check out Wendy's bio and website by Clicking Here. 


    Wendy Komancheck

    Wendy Komancheck is an accomplished Freelance Writer for Green Industry Trade Magazines, Websites, and Local Businesses, specializing in horticultural articles.

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