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Getting The Best Spring Lawn Care Promotion

Lawn Care OffersEach spring, lawn care companies in Cleveland and Columbus start new advertising campaigns in an attempt to earn new business. Through communication channels such as telemarketing, direct mail, and door hangers, lawn care companies attempt to feature new and exciting offers designed to make you as the consumer call in for more details. But which offers are actually good deals? We'll examine some common lawn care deals, and how they may turn out not to be as good as they sound.

The $29.99 Application

This is the oldest offer in the lawn care industry and is often used by the national brands. This specific offer gives consumers their first fertilizer application for $29.99 when purchasing an entire lawn care program. What they don't advertise is that most companies have a square footage restriction, making the offer null if your yard is too big. Additionally, companies often give you a low first application price, but raise your remaining application prices to cover the difference.

Low Fertilizer Cost (But Where's the Weed Control?)

Sometimes when comparing lawn care cost you'll run across a price that is way less than the other competing bids you have received. So what are they doing that they can charge up to 40% less than those more expensive companies? Well, it's not what they're doing, but what they're NOT doing. Often companies cut their application prices by cutting the cost of their material, specifically getting rid of weed control.  

Choosing The "Right" Lawn Care Offer

Before you dive into what offer is best, it is important that you take time to do a little research. Not all lawn care companies are the same, and when it comes to hiring a company to service your home, you deserve to know if the company you hire can fulfill the promise of service.  Here are a few things you can do to research different lawn care companies.

  • Ask friends and neighbors who they use, or what companies they see in the neighborhood.
  • “Google” the name of the company and check them out online 
  • Read online reviews- excellent way to get an idea of the reputation of the company
  • Check out the company website- is it updated, and does it provide useful information and blogging.  This is usually a good sign of a company who focus on deliver a good customer service experience.

Finally, ask the company why you should hire them? Asking this question may seem silly, but you should establish with the company what you can expect as their customer. They should be able to talk to you about the benefits of dealing specifically with their company, and what type of service you can expect. Consumers deserve more than just the commodity of lawn care; they deserve to hire a company that will provide value through engagement and communication. 

Hiring the Right Lawn Care Company

Finding the right lawn care company to partner with for the season may not be as easy as you would think. That's why Weed Pro's Ultimate Hiring Guide will help you find the perfect lawn care company that will deliver great results, while providing the best overall value. This guide is yours absolutely free by clicking on the link below:

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 is the founder and owner of Weed Pro Lawn Care. Since opening in 2001, Weed Pro Lawn Care has become one of the nation’s leading lawn care companies. A respected leader in both the local community & industry, Rob has received many industry awards, such as the OTF’s Lawn Care Professional of the year. Additionally, Rob is a regular contributor to the Weed Pro Blog, and other industry magazines and blogs. 

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