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    3 Ways to Keep Ants Out of Your Home This Summer

    Posted by: Charles Gates on July 18, 2013

    iStock 000009732267SmallSummer time brings sunshine and barbeques, but insects thrive in this weather. In their search for a damp cool place to live, carpenter ants might just find your home the place to be. Ants may seem like a never-ending problem, but these three tips will keep them under control.

    What are Carpenter Ants?

    The black carpenter ant is the most common ant in North America and we are no strangers to them here in Ohio. This ant can grow up to an inch in length and live in large colonies. These little guys make their home in damp wood, where they chew out little homes called galleries. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat the wood, they eat whatever they can get their little mouths on (that’s why they always invite themselves to your picnics). Follow these three tips to keep them out of your home:

    • Spray Insulated Foam around Doorways and Windows- while you may not see them there are tiny little cracks and holes around your home, a perfect entryway for ants to let themselves in. To correct this problem, visit your local home improvement store to buy expandable foam spray. This will seal those tiny little cracks, leaving those ants without a way in.
    • Keep Wood Piles and Trash Cans Away from Your House- firewood and trashcans are perfect place for ants to live and feed. Placing these things along your homes foundation, gives ants easy access into your house. Keep firewood and trashcans at least ten feet away from your home.
    • Spray a Barrier Around Your Home- products such as Weed Pro’s Home Perimeter Pest Spray creates an invisible barrier around your home. These barriers prevent ants and other pests from entering your home. Weed Pro sprays this barrier four feet away from the house and four feet up your home’s foundation providing ultimate protection from these unwanted guests.

    Want More Tips on Keeping Insects Out of Your Home?

    Insects in your home can be both frustrating and unsanitary. But don’t worry there a few simple things you can do to protect your home! Weed Pro’s Pest and Insect Prevention Guide provides you with simple tips on keeping the creepy crawlies out. Download your free copy by clicking on the button below.


    Free Home Insect and Pest Prevention Guide

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