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    Sting! How to Keep Yellow Jackets Away from Your Home

    Posted by: Charles Gates on July 24, 2013

    YellowJacketYellow Jackets are some of the most aggressive pests that you can find in your yard. They are definitely not a creature you want hanging around you and your family. With a few simple tricks you can keep these guys away from your home and your family safe.

    The Yellow Jacket Explained

    Yellow jackets have been a real problem in Ohio since 1975 when a more aggressive species arrived from Germany. They are territorial and will do anything to protect the queen of the colony. They build paper nests or nest in the ground and grow colonies that can hold up to 3000 yellow jackets. Unlike bees, which look similar, yellow jackets can sting multiple times and whether you're allergic or not they can be a real problem. But if you follow these simple tips, you can reduce the chance of yellow jackets being a problem:

    • Clear Your Yard of Yellow Jackets- if there are already yellow jackets in your lawn, get them out first. If they're nesting in the ground just fill their nest with soapy water at night. If they're above ground, go to your local home improvement and purchase a wasp killer. When you go to spray them, do so at night when they are less alert. Remember to always be careful.
    • Keep Your Outdoor Area Clean- if you can keep the outside of your home clean the yellow jackets are less likely to appear. Clean up quick and well after cookouts and don't leave pet food outside.
    • Seal Trash Cans- sealed trash cans can solve most of your problem. If they yellow jackets cannot reach your trash that is one less food source and one more reason for them to stay away. When disposing of containers that had sweets be sure thats lids are sealed tight.
    • Humming Bird Feeders- broken leaky feeders are an easy treat for yellow jackets. If you have humming bird feeders make sure they are kept clean and there are no leaks. Also be sure to buy feeders that require the long beak of a bird to reach the food.

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    Charles Gates


    is an intern here at Weed Pro Lawn Care. Charles is a marketing and public relations major studying at the University of Mount Union, class of 2016. Charles is a regular contributor to our blog. 

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    Charles Gates

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