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Wild Violets: The Pretty Purple Lawn Killer

20130823 175155(1)They're purple and some might even say pretty. But you definitly don't want this sturdy stubborn weed in your lawn. Wild violets are a troublesome plant that are a pain in the buns to get rid off. Weed Pro can help you out with these tips to get rid of wild violets.

What are Wild Violets?

Wild Violets can be found all over the world. It is quick to spread and hard to eliminate. They have waxy leaves and widespread root system which makes them impervious to most common weed killers. The root system spreads feet outwards from where the plants are themselves, making them an absolute nightmare to kill. Wild violets and other members of the violet family are used for medicinal purposes, helping in fighting cancer. Also violets are used as garnish in cooking!

Wild violets aren't invincible and you can use these tips to rid your lawn of this lawn care monster:

  • Muscle- the first step in ridding this monster is to yank it up. You'll notice quickly how extensive the root sysytem is. Be sure to get all of it!
  • Weed Killer and Lots of it- one treatment is never enough to kill wild violets. They are very resisitant to lawn care products and need to be treated repeatedly, once a week for up to a month.
  • Grass- throw grass seeds on the affected area and keep it heavily fertilized and watered while you are treating with a weed killer.

Wild Violets are not the only problem your lawn can be facing. Download our Five Summer Lawn Care Killers and Their Fixes Guide to make sure you and your lawn are protected this summer. Click the button below to get it absolutely free.

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