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Don't Let Your Lawn Get into a Thistle Pickle!


There is a furry spiny plant that could be creeping in your yard. Thistle is a common weed across Ohio and you definitely don't want this beast in your lawn. It's hard to remove and is painful to come in contact, not something you want small children running into. Treating thistle can be a breeze if you follow some easy steps.

What is Thistle?

Thistle is prickly weed that takes hold in many Ohio lawns. Thistle can grow up to five feet tall and have root systems reaching almost seventeen feet down! They are identified by their prickly leaves that sprout out from a thick central stem. If let go long enough thistle can bloom a purple flower right atop the center stem. Thistle spreads thousands of seeds every season and will move quickly to take over your lawn.

Where Will You Find Thistle in Your Lawn?

Thistle is not afraid of you and will put itself right out in the open. Thistle needs a lot of direct sunlight and will quickly spread to areas of your lawn that recieve more sunlight.

Treating Thistle

Thistle needs much attention, and could take over a month to fully treat. The first thing is to keep cutting it low. Constant cutting will put a lot of strain on the root system causing it to shrink. Be sure to hand pick the new thistle popping up in your yard. Finally regularly apply a weed killer (once a week) til your problem is solved. Thistle can be a lot of work and even with constant attention it can come back. The fastest way to kill it is to have a professional lawn care company treat it.

Thistle Has Friends

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Charles Gates


is an intern here at Weed Pro Lawn Care. Charles is a marketing and public relations major studying at the University of Mount Union, class of 2016. Charles is a regular contributor to our blog. 

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