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    Oxalis the Clover Nightmare

    Posted by: Charles Gates on August 27, 2013

    20130822 123025It’s hard to pronounce and can be even harder to get out of your lawn. Oxalis, pronounced aks-uh-lis, is perennial weed that is very common among lawns and gardens across Ohio. It’s a pesky plant that likes to dig in and stay there. Don’t give up all hope because this little guy can be taken down with a little work.

    What is Oxalis?

    Oxalis is a perennial weed that can grow virtually anywhere. It does well in the sun, in the shade, in the middle of your yard and even in your gardens. Its light green leaves that are in clover shapes and its tiny yellow flowers identify oxalis. Oxalis gets its name from the fact that it contains oxalic acid. Which when consumed by humans can mess up digestion and have negative effects on kidneys, so eating it definitely isn’t the way to get rid of it.

    How to Get Rid of Oxalis

    Oxalis is not the easiest weed to get out of your lawn. The first step is to start applying a weed killer specifically designed for oxalis. A common mistake made by people trying to rid their lawns of oxalis is to apply too much. DO NOT APPLY TOO MUCH WEED KILLER! Oxalis is quick to spread so the first few applications will prevent that but in order to kill it you have to apply it at the perfect time, the fall. Apply the weed killer shortly before the first snow fall, by doing so you will prevent it from spreading in the winter and without sunlight oxalis won’t be able to process the weed killer and stop it from working. The best way to treat oxalis is to leave it to the professionals.

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    Charles Gates


    is an intern here at Weed Pro Lawn Care. Charles is a marketing and public relations major studying at the University of Mount Union, class of 2016. Charles is a regular contributor to our blog. 

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