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    Lawn Rust: It's What's Turning Your Lawn Orange

    Posted by: Charles Gates on September 11, 2013

    Walking through campus this week I noticed something strange happening to my shoes, they were turning orange! I went and did my research and found that it's a common disease not just attacking my campus but lawns all over Ohio. Lawn rust is a common fungus that thrives in late summer and early fall and can be detrimental to your lawn.

    What is Lawn Rust?

    Lawn rust is a fungus that can appear in many conditions. The main causes of lawn rust are lack of nitrogen and low amounts of water getting to your lawn. Lawn rust can also be caused by too much rain, the high amount of rain prevents nitrogen from properly getting to the grass. Lawn rust appears in the form of brown and orange pores that can easily rub off (onto shoes, lawn mower, and even your pets). Lawn rust can spread many ways including the air, water, human traffic, and from the ground.

    How to Get Rid of Lawn Rust

    Rust can weaken your lawn and make it more susceptible to other lawn disease, which makes it important to get out of your lawn. Follow these tips to get rid of your lawn rust pronto:

    • Aerate your Lawn- increasing the amount of air getting to your lawn will allow nitrogen to effectively get to your lawn, helping to fight the lawn rust. Contact your local lawn care provider to get your lawn aerated today.
    • Seed your Lawn- effectively seeding your lawn can help combat the rust. By using multiple types of seeds it will be harder for the rust to take over different turf types. Check out how to properly seed your lawn here!
    • Water your Lawn- an effective water schedule will prevent your lawn from drying out and letting the rust spread. For a great way to water your lawn check out this blog.

    Lawn rust can be easily removed from your lawn by following these tips. There is no need to go out and purchase a fungicide for your lawn because it can be more harmful than it is good. Your lawn might also be under attack from other lawn monsters. Click the box below to see the 5 Summer Lawn Care Problems and Their Fixes!

    Five Summer Lawn Problem Guide


    Charles Gates


    is an intern here at Weed Pro Lawn Care. Charles is a marketing and public relations major studying at the University of Mount Union, class of 2016. Charles is a regular contributor to our blog. 

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    Charles Gates

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